Daily Quiz 8

Round 1 – Spain

  1. This legendary artist produced an estimated 50,000 works, including over 1,200 sculptures.
  2. Antoni Gaudi designed Parc Güell on the site of failed housing development in the hills of this seaside city.
  3. This museum complex in the center of Madrid was founded as a museum of paintings and sculptures in 1819.
  4. This 3,718m volcano dominates the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.
  5. A variety of small dishes and snacks were originally offered by bartenders to increase the sales of wine.

Round 2 – Oceans

  1. This third-largest ocean is home to the militarised island Diego Garcia.
  2. The deepest point in this ocean is Molloy Hole in the Fram Strait, which is about 5,500m deep.
  3. This animal is the largest to have existed on Earth and none have ever been in captivity.
  4. Western Europe is warmer than other similar northern latitudes due to this warm Atlantic Ocean current.
  5. An underwater canyon makes the waves at this popular surfing destination enormous.

Round 3 – Topic 3

  1. This 57km (35-mile) tunnel is the longest and deepest and runs under the Swiss Alps.
  2. Gran Paradiso National Park in Aosta Valley, Italy was created to protect this nearly extinct animal.
  3. This highest mountain in Europe has twin peaks over 5600m each.
  4. There are more than 14,500 of these which are entirely underwater and some rise to a level of 2m from the surface of the ocean.
  5. This is the tallest peak on Earth that is not off-limits to climbers that remains still unclimbed as of 2020.

Round 4 – Airplanes

  1. In 1942 Hughes Aircraft built this huge flying boat for the US military, but it only flew once for 26 seconds.
  2. The Bell X-1 rocket-powered plane first broke this aviation barrier in 1947.
  3. This two-level airplane is designed to carry 853 passengers.
  4. The average round-trip ticket price on this supersonic airplane was $12,000.
  5. Flight data recorders are known by this name, which is a misnomer as they are bright red.

Round 5 – Gambling

  1. This 2008 movie tells the true story of a team of university students that use card counting to win big at blackjack.
  2. The last card to be dealt in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em is known like this.
  3. This poker hand is comprised of three of a kind and a pair.
  4. Rolling double ones in Craps is called what?
  5. A One-Armed Bandit refers to this popular gambling device.



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