Weekend Quiz 1

Round 1 – Beer

  1. What is the name for the German regulations limiting the ingredients in beer?
  2. What beer brand uses a photo or graphic of the Rocky Mountains?
  3. What beer was the first to use a can with a pull tab with a finger loop?
  4. What does the term “ABV” stand for?
  5. What six breweries are allowed to sell beer at the Oktoberfest?

Round 2 – Japan

  1. What is the highest point in Japan?
  2. What is the Japanese word for “Japan”?
  3. In 2011 what power plant was destroyed by an earthquake?
  4. The Nashi fruit is very similar to what well-known western fruit?
  5. The city of Tokyo was formerly named what prior to 1868?

Round 3 – Cooking

  1. Slicing food into long thin strips is what type of cut?
  2. What term describes the fat content inside of beef muscle?
  3. What type of lettuce is frequently served as a ‘wedge’?
  4. Demerara sugar originates from what South American country?
  5. What term describes pasta that is cooked firm to the bite?

Round 4 – USA

  1. Which 4 US Presidents are carved into Mt. Rushmore?
  2. What is the highest mountain peak in the lower 48 US states?
  3. The Grand Ole Opry show is performed in what US city?
  4. What US city was mostly destroyed during the War of 1812?
  5. Where is Spaceship Earth located?

Round 5 – Jewelry

  1. The ‘square modified brilliant’ method is better known as this.
  2. The Great Star of Africa is also known to be what?
  3. What type of decorative jewelry is designed to be attached to clothing?
  4. What is known as the simplest style of jewelry chain?
  5. What type of pendant can store a photograph inside?

Round 6 – Nature

  1. The pteriidae family of oysters produces this sought-after item.
  2. What place is considered the windiest on Earth?
  3. Which animal is born with eyes, but loses them when an adult?
  4. What is the name for the landmass created at the mouth of a river?
  5. What is the name of the outermost layer of the planet Earth?

Round 7 – Math

  1. Which discipline of mathematics is concerned with spatial relationships?
  2. If you subtract an equal number of items from a group, what type of mathematical operation are you performing?
  3. The acronym PEMDAS stands for what mathematical rule?
  4. What notable number is a 1 followed by one hundred 0s?
  5. What mathematics prize is awarded only every 3 years?

Round 8 – What Roman defensive fortification was built in AD 122 and runs 117.5 km long?

  1. What Roman defensive fortification was built in AD 122 and runs 117.5 km long?
  2. What is located at the peak of Corcovado Mountain outside Rio de Janeiro?
  3. What former prison is located on a small island outside San Francisco?
  4. This Cambodian temple is the largest religious monument in the world by area.
  5. This was main the summer residence of the Habsburg royal family.

Round 8 – Weather

  1. Cirrocumulus, Cirrus, and Cirrostratus are three types of what?
  2. A thunderstorm characterized by the presence of a mesocyclone also known as what?
  3. “Saffir–Simpson” refers to the rating of what?
  4. This effect is caused by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light within water droplets.
  5. This item is a single ice crystal that forms in the atmosphere and falls to the ground.

Round 10 – Magazines

  1. The Sherlock Holmes short stories were first published in what magazine?
  2. The boxer Muhammed Ali appeared on the cover of this magazine in 1968 and was portrayed as shot with arrows.
  3. This American magazine published weekly from 1883 to 1972 was known for its high-quality photography.
  4. Founded by Henry Haven Windsor, this magazine promised to explain “the way the world works”.
  5. “Speed Secrets”, written by former IndyCar driver Ross Bentley, appears as a regular feature in what magazine?



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