Weekend Quiz 2
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Round 1 – Random

  1. On television, Dr. Gregory House’s apartment number is “221B, ” a nod to what famous literary sleuth’s address?
  2. The classic sitcom “Seinfeld” is often referred to as “a show about” what?
  3. In a well-known PSA, “Take a bite out of crime” is the motto of what trench coat-wearing “Crime Dog”?
  4. In a hit song from 1982, Thomas Dolby revealed “She Blinded Me With” what?
  5. For many years, which of these snack foods promoted itself as “the cheese that goes crunch”?

Round 2 – Random

  1. A 2011 New York Times obituary for the late Peter Falk discussed the actor’s 30-plus year gig as what TV character?
  2. Between 2006 and 2009, actor Justin Long appeared in a series of TV ads, speaking what memorable line?
  3. What performer’s “obscene gesture” during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show compelled the NFL to issue an apology?
  4. Which of these shoe companies shares its name with a type of antelopes?
  5. Both “gam” and “pod” are terms used to describe what group of animals?

Round 3 – Random

  1. Southern Methodist University is located in what southern state?
  2. What river runs through the Grand Canyon?
  3. Bateau, scoop and sweetheart are dress terms for what?
  4. The Flemings and the Walloons come from what country?
  5. This Leprechaun is the official mascot of what NBA team?

Round 4 – Random

  1. Garbanzo beans are also known by what name?
  2. Members of Gideon’s International put what items in hotel rooms?
  3. On dress shirts, button-down, spread and tab are popular types of what?
  4. The Tasman Sea is part of what ocean?
  5. 127 of the world’s 193 countries have what word in their names?

Round 5 – Random

  1. What word is often used to describe a political leader’s cunning behaviour?
  2. The ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii are located in what country?
  3. In a 1974 Rolling Stones song, Mick Jagger sings, “I know it’s only” what “but I like it”?
  4. In the U.S. military, a “Black Hawk: refers to what type of vehicle?
  5. The prestigious Juno Award is the Canadian equivalent of what American honour?

Round 6 – Random

  1. What is the first name of pro golfer Tiger Woods?
  2. The popular piece of meat for barbecue known as “pork butt” comes from what part of the pig?
  3. Santa Domingo and Port-au-Prince, the capitals of two separate countries, are both located on what island?
  4. What U.S. landmark is outfitted with multiple foghorns because its locale is so often enveloped in dense fog?
  5. Logophobia is an irrational fear of what?

Round 7 – Random

  1. What famous landmark was shipped to the U.S. in 350 pieces aboard the French frigate “Isere?”
  2. What herb names comes first in the title of a classic 1966 album by Simon and Garfunkel?
  3. This jazz great was often billed as “The World’s Greatest Trumpeter”?
  4. Sapporo is a major city of what Asian country?
  5. Named for the physicist who invented it, a Moog is what type of musical instrument?

Round 8 – What firearm shares its name with a classic Beatles album?

  1. What firearm shares its name with a classic Beatles album?
  2. Food that is served flambeed is served how?
  3. What actor plays the moustached slacker “Wooderson” in the 1993 indie film “Dazed and Confused”?
  4. In 2006, Pluto went from being a planet to what lesser celestial body?
  5. The French phrase “Tous pour un, un pour tous” is the motto of what literary group?

Round 8 – Random

  1. What European city is home to the famously whimsical architecture of Antonio Gaudi?
  2. The infamous “Rat Pack” originated in the ’50s as a circle of what famous actor’s friends?
  3. A combination of three tunnels, the so-called “Chunnel” runs underwater from England to what country?
  4. A peace treaty has never been signed for what major conflict?
  5. What vegetables is not typically sold in cans?

Round 10 – Random

  1. Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially divorced in 1996 after how many years of marriage?
  2. The ampersand symbol, used to mean “and, ” was designed to look like what two letters combined?
  3. Often used to make shawls, pashmina is woven from the soft wool of what animals?
  4. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, like its Paris counterpart, will be an enormous what?
  5. A traditional food for the Japanese New Year, mochi is a cake primarily made of what ingredient?



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